Cattle Feeders

All our feeders are steel reinforced. End pieces are available and are cast into place. For you convenience we have put slats for pallet forks on the fence line and silage feeders so you can easily set them in place or if you ever need to move them. We can deliver them to you if you buy a truck load which is 18. Call with an address for quote.

Fence Line Bunk Feeder

They are 8 foot long, 30 inches tall on the back side, 22 inches tall on the front side, and total width of 34 inches. They weigh 2,135 lbs each.

Silage Feeder

They are 8 foot long, 30 inches wide on the outside, 2 foot on the inside, 16' deep, and 26' tall. They weigh 2500 lbs each.

H Feeder

They are 8 foot long, 5 foot wide, 12 inches deep. and 26 inches tall. They weigh 4000 lbs each.